China Shenhua Energy : Xinshuo Railway Company Achieved Annual Task of Non-Coal Collection Volume in Advance

Xinshuo Railway Company Achieved Annual Task of Non-Coal Collection Volume in Advance

Up to October 27th, China Energy Xinshuo Railway Company has accomplished an annual task of non-coal collection volume by 630,900 tons in advance, overtaking the year-on-year volume of 350,400 tons. So far, it has played a solid role in supporting the tide over the peak-load during winter period and energy supply.

By implementing the requirements of the China Energy on energy supply, pandemic prevention and control, safety production, quality improvement and efficiency enhancement this year, Xinshuo Railway Company has developed incremental marketing plans to actively exert the function of electronic business during the pandemic, assisted customers to fulfill the transportation volume as scheduled, and also solved the problems of loading and transportation for the improved loading and transportation efficiency by optimizing the infrastructure of logistics parks and yards. It shall also carry out in-depth research on upstream and downstream markets for better access to resources, continuously enriching transport categories and routes. Following the opening of Honghe Logistics Park, the cement and cement clinker are transported steadily, with a continuous increase in the single product shipment; it positively interconnects with the neighboring railroads to optimize the resource integration, succeeding in opening up the semi-coke transporting business at Hushi Station of Zhundong Railway with a remarkable effect of joint transport; it insists on maintaining the positive output in a stable manner and expanding the retrograde transport, successfully accomplishing the retrograde non-ferrous mine transport business; as the transportation path continues to extend, the company has launched a new non-coal transportation path from Erdos City to Xiong’an area, contributing to an accelerated creation of a safe, intelligent, efficient and green first-class transportation enterprise.


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