China to adopt new railway operating plan

Hong Kong is already popular for its hyper-efficient metro services. But MTR is upping the city’s transportation game further by debuting three new high-speed rail services between Hong Kong and Sichuan Province. The rail giant announced that passengers could start booking tickets to these stations from June 17.

With trains that travel up to 350kph (220mph), MTR will also make destinations like Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Futian – famed for their modern architecture and ancient history – into an easy side trip from Hong Kong.

MTR will increase the daily trips between Guangzhoudong and Hong Kong West Kowloon Station from 13 to 19. Trains connecting Shenzhen Bei to the SAR will increase to 51, and trips between Hong Kong and Futian stations will increase to 38.

Before the high-speed age, reaching Guangzhou East Station from Hong Kong took roughly two hours. And now? Just 48 minutes from the West Kowloon Station. Hong Kong’s 4-million-square-foot West Kowloon Station connects Austin and Kowloon MTR stations. The station feels like an airport with a check-in counter and a departure lounge.


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