China National Railway Group bids for 20,000 railway wagons

According to the China Railway 95306 website, China National Railway Materials Co., Ltd. issued a tender announcement on March 21, entrusted by China National Railway Group Co., Ltd., to start the bidding for the C70E (H) type general purpose gondola. This time, a total of 20,000 vehicles were tendered.


  1. Bidding project overview

Entrusted by China National Railway Group Co., Ltd., National Railway Materials Co., Ltd., as the bidding agency, is now conducting public bidding for the procurement project of C70E(H) general purpose gondolas, and the procurement funds have been secured.


  1. Tender for the name and quantity of railway wagons

20,000 units of C70E(H) general purpose gondolas


  1. Bidder Eligibility Requirements

Bidders must be legally registered within the territory of the People’s Republic of China, have independent legal personality, and have a valid manufacturing license for railway rolling stock of the corresponding model.

The tender does not accept the consortium bid.


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