China’s first “Maglev Train + Culture + Tourism” project completed

The Phoenix Maglev Sightseeing Express Project is a tourist line connecting the Phoenix High-speed Railway Station to the ancient city of Phoenix, with a design speed of 100 kilometers per hour. The maglev transportation itself has outstanding advantages such as low noise, low energy consumption, and zero pollution, which is not only conducive to the natural ecological protection of the scenic spot, but also strengthens the linkage between the various scenic spots in Fenghuang, and further builds the overall tourism landscape axis, ecological corridor and cultural park in Phoenix. gallery.

▲Maglev train

▲The interior of the maglev train

▲Phoenix Range Rover Station renderings

▲ “U” beam erection site


As the country’s first maglev cultural tourism project

Phoenix Maglev Sightseeing Express Line Construction

Carrying a number of technological innovations

In order to adapt to the complex terrain in the mountainous area of western Hunan

China Railway Second Institute and China Railway No.5 Bureau are in the process of design and construction

First use of “U” beam structure in maglev project

At the same time, the minimum turning radius is controlled at 75 meters

Maximum incline adjusted to 5.1%

▲ Track laying operation


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