The largest power hydrogen fuel cell system of in China has passed the vehicle loading verification

On March 28, CRRC announced that the research on high-power hydrogen fuel cell application technology jointly carried out by CRRC Industry Research Institute and Tongji University has ushered in new progress, and the first high-power hydrogen fuel cell system has been installed and verified.

According to reports, the fuel cell stack with a rated power of 115kW developed by the project has successfully completed the system test under the condition of -30℃ without auxiliary cold start and in the high temperature and high humidity environment in summer, with stable performance and strong environmental adaptability.

The total power generation of the system is as high as 460kW, which can provide a net output power of 350kW for vehicles. It is currently the largest power fuel cell system used in the China for the rail transit field.

CRRC has also developed a hydrogen fuel hybrid locomotive with a power of 1400kW, a design speed of 100 kilometers per hour, a starting tractive force of 520kN, a set of 12 bottles, a large-capacity high-pressure hydrogen storage tank of 35MPa, and a full-load of hydrogen that can run continuously for 24 hours, the largest on straight roads. The towing load exceeds 8,000 tons, and it is suitable for shunting and small operation of metallurgy, petrochemical, port and local railways.


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