The total operating mileage of Guangzhou Metro exceeds 600 kilometers

On March 31, the first section of Guangzhou Metro Line 22 (Panyu Square to Chentougang) opened for operation. After the opening, the total operating mileage of Guangzhou Metro will reach 607.6 kilometers, and the number of stations will increase to 294.

The first section of Guangzhou Line 22 starts from Chentougang in the west and ends at Panyu Square in the east, with a total length of 18.2 kilometers and a total of 4 stations, all of which are underground stations. The line starts from Chentougang and passes through Guangzhou South Railway Station, Shiguang Road Station, and Panyu Square Station. Among them, Guangzhou South Railway Station and Panyu Square Station are transfer stations. Passengers can transfer according to the transfer guide. The maximum running speed of the first section of Line 22 is 160 km/h, the one-way time is about 14 minutes, and the driving interval is about 7 minutes and 30 seconds at the initial stage of opening.

Guangzhou Line 22 has a total length of 30.8 kilometers. From Panyu Square Station to Fangcun Station, the entire line is laid underground. There are 8 stations in total, including 4 transfer stations. It is designed as a subway city express line with a speed of 160 kilometers per hour. After the opening of the whole line, it will realize the rapid rail transit connection between Nansha, Panyu, Liwan and Guangzhou South Railway Station, and enhance the comprehensive transportation hub function of Guangzhou South Railway Station. effect.

Up to now, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan and Dongguan have opened and operated subways in Guangdong Province, with a total mileage of 1092.5 kilometers and an average daily passenger flow of 11.242 million person-times.


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