2.3 billion! 352 electric bus project procurement

2.3 billion! 352 electric bus project procurement

Project overview: The capacity expansion and upgrading project of Beijing Rail Transit Line 13 will split the existing “U”-shaped line of Line 13 from the area between Xierqi Station and Huilongguan Station of Line 13 and the west side of Beijing-Tibet Expressway. An “X”-shaped east and west horizontal line is built between Line 16 and Line 17 to form two lines, Line 13A and Line 13B.

Estimated investment: 2,331.96 million yuan

Bidding Scope: Line A (Package A) of the Electric Bus Procurement Project of the Rail Transit Line 13 Capacity Expansion Project, see the bidding documents for details.

Construction scale: Including 44 trains/352 electric passenger cars (including electric traction system) and 9 trains/54 electric passenger cars with electric traction system, please refer to the bidding documents for details.

Estimated release time of the tender announcement: July 1, 2022

Other instructions: The above-mentioned contents are tentative, and the content of the tender announcement, the release time, the division of tenders, and the estimated amount of tenders are subject to the final actual tender announcement.

Tenderee: Beijing Rail Transit Construction Management Co., Ltd.


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