High-speed train rendezvous test, maximum speed of 870 kilometers per hour! New world record set!

On April 21, two “Fuxing” trains successfully conducted a rendezvous test in the Puyang-Zhengzhou section of the Jinan-Zhengzhou high-speed railway in China. It has created a new world record of 870 kilometers per hour relative to the intersection of high-speed trains!

This marks the full launch of the “CR450 Science and Technology Innovation Project” included in the national “14th Five-Year Plan”, which will provide the most important technical support and guidance for the development of the CR450 EMU, and will also provide the most important support for the construction of the 350 km/h safety standard demonstration line and guarantee.

A few days ago, China National Railway Group Co., Ltd., in conjunction with CRRC and other units, developed the world’s leading new “Fuxing” high-speed comprehensive inspection train based on the Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway intelligent EMU.

The train adopts 9 new technologies such as eddy current braking, carbon ceramic brake disc, permanent magnet traction system, and active control pantograph independently developed by China. It consists of 4 EMUs and 4 trailers, which enhances the safety of EMU trains. , reliability, efficiency, economy, the overall performance has reached the world’s leading level, filling a number of domestic technical gaps.

Since April this year, the train has carried out preliminary tests for the development of CR450 EMUs on the Ji-Zheng high-speed railway and Zheng-Yu high-speed railway. More than 60 scientific experiments on dynamics, aerodynamics, resistance, noise, etc. under high-speed operation and high-speed intersection conditions were carried out on open lines and tunnels, respectively, and it was the first time in the world to successfully achieve a single-column speed of 435 kilometers per hour and a relative speed of 870 kilometers per hour. The intersection and the tunnel intersection with a single-train speed of 403 kilometers per hour and a relative speed of 806 kilometers per hour have obtained characteristic data of EMU trains, high-speed railway foundations, tunnels and other infrastructure under different working conditions. Changes in comfort parameters.


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