The first domestic permanent magnet magnetic levitation air rail has entered the commissioning stage

The permanent magnetic levitation air rail project is another new type of rail transit mode developed after the permanent magnetic levitation and superconducting magnetic levitation. China has completely independent intellectual property rights.

The permanent magnet magnetic levitation technology was first proposed by Jiangxi University of Science and Technology in 2014, and in 2020, the China Railway Sixth Institute Group will take the lead in promoting the realization of the transformation of this technology. At present, the two are conducting further research on the industrialization and technical standard formulation of the permanent magnetic levitation system.

On the Xingguo permanent magnet maglev technology engineering test line, the red-and-white “Xingguo” maglev train is passing through it, and it has entered the critical stage of vehicle commissioning. This project was undertaken by China Railway Sixth Institute as the leader of the consortium and will be implemented in February 2021. After the vehicle debugging is completed, it is expected to officially enter the experimental stage of opening to traffic in July 2022.

In terms of vehicles, the “Xingguo” maglev train adopts a suspended monorail structure with a design speed of 80 kilometers per hour. In terms of lines, the main line of the test line has a total length of about 0.8km, all of which are elevated lines, adopting a single-line design, and reserve two-line conditions and long-term operating conditions. In addition, the project adopts the EPC (design, procurement, and construction integration) model, which gives full play to the leading role of design in the entire project construction process.

The permanent magnetic levitation technology covers a number of strategic emerging industries such as permanent magnet materials, rail transit, and artificial intelligence, and applies theories and technologies such as unmanned driving, sensor fusion, and cloud computing. Experts said that the successful development of the permanent magnetic levitation air rail project is of great significance for expanding the application field of magnetic materials, driving industrial innovation and upgrading, and cultivating emerging industrial clusters.

Compared with the traditional suspended rubber-wheeled monorail traffic, the permanent magnet magnetic levitation air rail has the characteristics of non-contact and suspension operation, stronger climbing ability and more energy saving; It has the characteristics of static magnetic field and “zero power” suspension, and has obvious advantages of no magnetic pollution.


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